About the Editors

Aileen Nichols ("Ailelie" or "Aile")

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Aileen's real name is not Aileen, though she used to wish it was. She is a young professional in a big city doing work she enjoys for a company she respects. Her passion, however, is stories. When she couldn't find a good, attainable magazine with stories about queer women, she more or less decided to start her own (see Backstory for full story). She's learning on the job with Plunge and looks forward to what the future has in store.


Elizabeth Barrette

Line Editor

Elizabeth Barrette, founder of PenUltimate Productions, is an accomplished wordsmith, talented with both creating her own works and encouraging others'. She is also an accomplished crowdfunder. Not only does PenUltimate Productions contain links to her various works, but it also has a set of useful essays for anyone considering crowdfunding. If you have need of an editor or writer, you may contact Barrette through her site. You may also find Barrette through her livejournal, dreamwidth, or facebook page.