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Last winter, Plunge Magazine held a flash fiction contest. Participants wrote a short piece adhereing to the following prompt:

Write a myth for the unnamed and many-named goddess/unaging being of transitions, between seasons, death and rebirth, child to adult. She walks among us, without consorts or lovers, but not without friends. Write a story, poem, or faux-meta up to 500 words about this goddess/being.

The entries from this contest were shared with the members of the newsletter and voted on. The two stories here won that contest. As a prize, the each story received a piece of art.

In first place is "The Keepers" by Alison Evans. The art for this story was created by Stephanie G. Folse.

Second place went to "An entry from A Brief Encyclopedia of Forgotten Gods" by Meagan Kane with art by Fausto A López.