Plunge is an online literary magazine publishing short stories, poetry, and non-fiction focusing on queer women within various genres (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, westerns, etc).

Every issue of Plunge is themed. While every work in each issue must fit within the theme, broad and creative interpretations are both acceptable and desirable.

Submission Windows

The below window lengths may grow or contract based on Year One.

Theme AnnouncedWindow OpensWindow ClosesIssue Publishes
July July Mid-November January
November November Mid-March May
March March Mid-July September

Given that year one is only two issues long, the dates listed above do not apply. For the second issue of year one, the dates are the following:

Theme AnnouncedWindow OpensWindow ClosesIssue Publishes
February 16, 2013 March 1st, 2013 June 10th, 2013 August

The theme for the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Plunge is "Over & Under the Sea."

Payments and Wordcounts


Short Stories 1000 to 5000 words $15 flat
Poetry 3 to 50 lines $5 flat
Non-Fiction 500 to 5000 words $15 flat

Plunge accepts about 3-4 short stories, 3-4 poems, and 2-3 nonfiction works for each issue.




  • All stories should feature at least one queer woman. Queer refers to the entire QUILTBAG. Woman refers to any person who identifies as such.
  • Works that denigrate women or queer people/issues will not be accepted.
  • Works explicit in sex or gore will not be accepted.
  • While Plunge will read over and edit all works prior to publishing, all submitted works should be checked over and lined edited prior to submission. Any work with multiple obvious spelling and/or grammar errors will not be accepted.
  • Some creators may be asked to edit their work as a condition for acceptance. Whether or not the creator decides to make the changes is entirely up to them.
  • Works must fit the issue theme. Creators may interpret the themes broadly and should not feel restricted by any genre implied by the theme. For example, 'fairy tale' as a theme may include capers, space operas, old west, and so on.
  • Cross-genre works and creative interpretations of the themes are very welcome.
  • Nonfiction works should critique, illuminate, compare, and/or discuss pop culture, books, history, and/or literature in terms of the theme. This may be done through reviews, memoir, essays (academic or personal), news reports, interviews, meta-fictive analysis, or etc.

Basically, Plunge is seeking well-written and enjoyable works about queer women, that fit within the theme, and that have something that sticks after reading.